About Us

Life Change Ballroom Students

How it Started

After learning about New York’s in-school ballroom dance program, Cindy Pipkin felt called to begin her “Life Change Ballroom” journey. She had no previous experience working with schools, children, non-profits or dancing, but she had a plan.  With a lot of help from her friends and family, Cindy raised money, hired instructors and founded Life Change Ballroom for students in the Oklahoma City area in 2006.

A Mentorship Program Disguised as Dance

Cindy researched popular ballroom dance shows and found these dance skills to be a creative way to teach students important life skills. The in-school and leadership programs teach students teamwork, sportsmanship, social awareness, confidence, self-esteem, goal-setting, etiquette, trust and respect. Each year, Life Change Ballroom changes the lives of thousands of students.

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