2008 Year-End Competition

Posted by Cindy Pipkin on 08/20/2008

Dear Principals, Teachers, Instructors and Volunteers,

I wanted you to have this date so you can save it for our 5th grade competition this year.—TUESDAY, DECEMBER 16TH (we’re gonna try a Tuesday this year)

As you know, the only students eligible to compete in the competition are the FIFTH-GRADERS from our IN-school program. Students from our after-school program classes are not eligible. We only take 8 schools to the finals competition, so we will be sending judges out again to decide which 8 schools will end up competing in our finals. We do plan to have students from our high schools performing again this year at the event (we are in 3 high schools this semester).

However, whether your school makes it into the finals or not; whether your school is a 5th grade program or not; whether you’re school is an in-school or an after-school program, if you are one of our assigned classroom teachers this semester, your name is going into our drawings we are having at our competition!! The only thing is—you must be present to win. So, if you’re a classroom teacher assigned to us and you are spending the time in the classroom with us (maximum of 2 teachers per school), you’ll want to come to the competition even if your students aren’t participating. Admission is free, so bring your own kids, or rent some—I promise you’ll have fun!!

Last year we gave away a $500 gift certificate to Heenan’s Fine Furnishings; a 3-day get-a-way to an incredible bed and breakfast in Estes Park, Co., a Coach purse, a spa basket valued at over $500, jewelry and much more!We appreciate all our teachers being a part of our program, so we want to thank you and recognize you by entering your name into these drawings! Again, you need to be there to win.

And, just in case: Weather was an issue last year and although we ended up with almost all of our participants there, I want to address the possibility of bad weather. I found out last year that there’s an OKCPS district rule that if school is closed due to weather (as happened last year) that all OKCPS evening activities are automatically shut down, so some people assumed that would be the case with us. I wish I could just say we could do that, but the problem is that we have several school districts participating in this program, so unless they all choose to make the same decision, I’ve got a problem. Plus, this event is huge and it’s not something I can just move to another date. I’m under contract with the theatre as well as many, many other people to put on this event. If the weather gets too bad, we’ll have to cancel, not postpone. If the weather does get questionable, I will let you all know what we decide by sending out an e-mail blast as soon as I know something. One thing I know helped a lot of you get there with your team intact was getting current phone numbers for your kids when you found out who was competing- we may all want to do that. 

Anyway, I wanted you all to have this date for your calendar.
We’re looking forward to a wonderful year. Thank you for having us into your schools!

Much love to you all,