And the Winner is...

Posted by Cindy Pipkin on 12/18/2007


Congratulations to Principal Brinson and all her competitors and classroom teachers who worked to make this group of dancers number one in our 2nd annual dance competition. This was Western Village’s first year with us and we are so proud of them! We want to also thank INTEGRIS Health, the corporate sponsor for Western Village for making this program available to them!

I will get the traveling trophy engraved and get it to Western Village as soon as possible.

BRITTON ELEMENTARY was awesome and took 2nd place and MARK TWAIN was working it hard and came in a very strong 3rd. We are obviously proud of all of our contestants, and I want to thank our principals and teachers so much for all your help to make the event as wonderful as it was.

Congratulations to our incredible classroom teachers who won the teacher’s gifts this year:

  • $100 gift certificate from Hobby Lobby
    Amy Leazer from Madison
  • $150 Tiffany sterling silver heart-shaped necklace
    Lindsey Nichols from Eugene Field
  • $500 Gift Certificate from Heenan’s Furnishings
    Robin Johnson from Mark Twain
  • $500+ Spa basket
    Sharyl Thompson from Will Rogers
  • $600 White Gold Lariat Necklace
    Feather Jones from Will Rogers
  • $850 Diamond Ring
    LeeAnna Thompson from Gateway
  • $150 Gift Certificate to Tangles Spa in Edmond
    Marci Stellman from Britton
  • $400 Coach bag
    Gary Hoeffken from N. Highlands
  • $500 3 day/2night stay at the Inn on Fall River in Estes Park, CO
    Candice Pride from Rockwood


Principals, I am scheduling 2nd semester right now, so please get in touch with me if you want us back for 2nd semester! I need to hear from you as we start January 7th! It’s not just the funding we need to talk about, but the dates and times you want us back as well. I’m not assuming anyone wants the same dates and times as so many of you have already changed yours—so we’re all starting from scratch, as it were.

It’s a pleasure working with all of you. Thank you so much for all you do!

Much love,