Tutoring and Mentoring

Posted by Cindy Pipkin on 05/07/2007

Hello, everyone,
I want to share part of an e-mail I got from the incredible Donna Lamprecht. This e-mail shows me just how powerful one to two hours/week for tutoring with a child can be, which is of course a great way to mentor.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the mentoring plug! I've got SOOO many stories from my experience with mentoring and I can tell you that I have gotten much more out of it than I have given! I met this freckled face, red-headed kid in his 2nd grade year and we connected... His mom was a "Madame" (running a prostitution service), his brother hung himself 6 months after I started seeing "James" as a mentor, the kids were sent to DHS custody and they let me pick them up - released them to my custody (shocking) for a short while. Their mom has been in the news many times, uncle in prison for murder and the list goes on..... "James" is the sweetest, kindest kid you'll ever meet through it all- that's why I tell him all the time that God has a plan and a purpose for his life to reach above his circumstances. I tell him that I will be at his graduation from high school, his graduation from college, at his wedding and he just smiles.... One life may be changed by mentoring- just think what we all can do when we heed the call!!!!!
Thank you, Donna, for sharing your time to change this young man’s life. Your influence (and perhaps that of his teachers) may be the only stable thing in his life and it could also be what has kept him from taking the wrong fork in the road.

I know it is early and we will surely hear from more of you who intend to volunteer, but, sadly, we’ve only heard from 2 men so far. Thank you to Lenny Oatman and Danny Smith!!!! I hope more of you will agree to tutor and talk some great man in your life into agreeing to do the same!
Much love,