What We've Been Doing at Life Change Academy

Posted by Cindy Pipkin on 04/27/2009

In February, Life Change partnered with INTEGRIS Health to bring “The Three Doctors” (www.threedoctors.com) to Oklahoma City to speak with 2,500 inner-city school students. Their message is undeniably one of hope and perseverance, having pulled themselves out of the gang/drug infested projects of Newark, New Jersey to become doctors. They travel the country telling their stories of determination to at-risk youth.

On April 27th, we will be delivering 167 new pairs of tennis shoes to the 5th graders of the top 3 schools from our competition event last December.

We have delivered over 1,000 books in the last year to students whose schools have enrolled in our program. We’ve gotten several students from our scholarship program (and their siblings, as well) enrolled in a college prep school. Some are thriving; some are struggling, but the difference in them and the education they are receiving is staggering.

In September, we will meet one of our nearest and dearest goals. One of our older students will begin working as a part-time instructor for us as he continues his education. He is an incredible young man who will tell you that although he had once chosen the gang life, he has since made major changes. It is now his desire to reach down and mentor younger kids to help them make the more positive choices he is now making.