BAM! and dancing... Belonging Affirmation Meaning The 3 most important tools a leader, or anyone else for that matter, can use to influence others. My life partner and I recently attended a Life Change final competition. Read More


Last Friday, Heronville was making up a Ballroom session, another class that had never seen Ballroom before was invited to participate. There was one young man that was especially excited and wanted to give it a try Read More
“Earlier this month I was asked to choose a student for the May Character Trait which was “Responsibility”. It made me really look at which students I could nominate and I chose ***** *******. I also realized that had this trait been portrayed earlier in the year she would not have qualified for it. Nevertheless, the change I have seen in her since becoming a part of Life Change Ballroom has been just that… Life Changing. Read More
"D” was a boy who was new to Britton this year. At first, he would hide in the bathroom during ballroom. Miss Katie worked with him and soon he was the best male dancer in the class. He took his leadership role seriously and was always willing to help others. You could observe a noted physical change in the way he carried himself. Read More
Since our students have started dancing they are much more self-confident. It’s really true, grades and attitudes are improving. Read More
The kids surprised me by how much they got into the idea of dancing with each other. It also surprised me how quickly they are learning the steps. Read More
The shy, quiet boy who was new to our school this year had no friends and never smiled. He now has become quite close with his other ballroom buddies and is hardly ever seen without a smile on his face. Read More
Her instructors entered a Title 1 school of primarily students with low morale, depleted self-esteem and deficient behavior. It was extremely difficult for me, as a teacher, to consent to her instructors handling the discipline in the class when I saw students out of control. I quickly became the student as I watched the dance instructors slowly acquire control of the class, win their respect and teach ballroom dancing. Read More


When I first found out we were going to take ballroom dancing, I was nervous, but that's gone now. I just love it to death. Read More
When I dance, it's like playing a challenging video game. There are many ways to do certain dances, but I have to know the right steps before I do anything. Read More
I feel happy and excited when I am ballroom dancing. Read More
After six weeks of dancing I felt like I was a star. Read More


I just wanted to tell you that we did our own little dance competition last Friday at Shidler with the 4th & 5th grade—we had trophies, we had girls do hair and makeup, my neighbor made skirts and cummerbunds for the boys; and I just want to tell you it did more for our community than I think anything we’ve ever done! I’ve never seen parents so proud and so pleased and I’ve never seen our kids so proud and pleased-- and they just did a remarkable job. Read More
At the very onset, it was evident the ballroom program was going to create positive changes in the behavior of some of the boys in the class. After the second session, I could also tell the program was going to positively impact how the boys related with the girls in and out of class. Read More
The concept of boys acting like gentlemen and the girls acting like ladies and treating their classmates as such fits well with our philosophy at Stonegate SAS. We are preparing our young men and women for their future. Read More
I have been a fan of Life Change Ballroom since I saw how it changed the lives of the students at Mark Twain in 2006. And this year is no different, except that one of those students happens to be my God-son. He is learning to dance, but not only has he learned to dance; he has gained self-confidence, manners, and so much more. Read More