A Letter from Allison Harris

Posted by Allison Harris, Britton Elementary School on 05/30/2014

“D” was a boy who was new to Britton this year.  At first, he would hide in the bathroom during ballroom.  Miss Katie worked with him and soon he was the best male dancer in the class.  He took his leadership role seriously and was always willing to help others.  You could observe a noted physical change in the way he carried himself.  Before Life Change Ballroom, he was slouched over, but now he carries himself like a proud young man—head up, shoulders back and a confident walk.  As his art teacher, I can honestly say his artwork has drastically improved!

I also saw a huge change in one of our girls.  She was never a discipline problem, just painfully shy and reserved.  Now she has much more confidence and has many more friends.  When she dances, her face beams with the knowledgethat she is a 
talented and beautiful young lady. Personally, I have loved the connection I have been able to make with my students because of Life Change Ballroom.  I have never felt closer to a fifth grade class!  Thank you!