A Letter From Heather Meldrum

Posted by Heather Meldrum, Teacher, Stanley Hupfeld Academy on 05/21/2018

Just got and wanted to share this amazing testimony from one of our teachers, Ms. Heather Meldrum at Stanley Hupfeld Academy.  We've withheld the student's name for privacy, but we wanted to share this, and we thank Ms. Meldrum for giving us permission to do that and, of course, for the kind words, and the wonderful work she does!


Earlier this month I was asked to choose a student for the May Character Trait which was “Responsibility”.  As you know, in 5th grade and an average age of 11, there are precious few who carry that quality!  However, it made me really look at which students I could nominate and I chose ***** *******.  I also realized that had this trait been portrayed earlier in the year she would not have qualified for it.  Nevertheless, the change I have seen in her since becoming a part of Life Change Ballroom has been just that… Life Changing.  She has become a new student and her creativity is a catalyst for so many other changes in her.

Her reading scores have shot from 4.7 to 6.6, her academic grades in Math, ELA, Science and Social Studies have increased from 70’s to high 80’s and 90’s.  While I know it takes a village to raise our kids, Life Change Ballroom is a significant force in this process and more personally in the life of this young lady.

For years, I have seen the work your program has done in the lives of our kids, and I am sorry to say I have never formally written to you to tell you this.  So, while you hear specifically about this young lady, I am thankful for the countless others you have guided in their life journey!


Heather Meldrum