Mrs. Elliott, Heronville Elementary PE Teacher

Posted by Tami on 01/21/2019

Last Friday, Heronville was making up a Ballroom session, another class that had never seen Ballroom before was invited to participate. There was one young man that was especially excited and wanted to give it a try. This student is very smart and has potential of being a real leader but there had been a few times where good choices and decision making was a little difficult for him . On Friday, he was all smiles after the class. He had gone to his teacher to see if there was any way he could be part of the rotation that has Ballroom Dance on Monday and Wednesday's. After talking it over with Admin and counselors, we felt that this is just what was needed to help him continue on the right path.
I am writing you this e-mail to let you know what a happy and fun experience our students have with Ms. Sunshine and Mr. Bracamontes. They teach our students so much more than Ballroom Dance, they are mentors with compassion, they tell stories of hard work and successes , our students know that Ms. Sunshine and Mr .Bracamontes care about each one of them, and that is because they can feel it each time they walk through the gym doors.

Thank you for this wonderful program and the incredible people that teach it.
Lynne' Elliott
Heronville PE