Angee Allen

Posted by Angee Allen, Principal, Monroe Elementary School on 05/30/2014

I have been a fan of Life Change Ballroom since I saw how it changed the lives of the students at Mark Twain in 2006. And this year is no different, except that one of those students happens to be my God-son. He is learning to dance, but not only has he learned to dance; he has gained self-confidence, manners, and so much more. He has always been considered a good student, but at home it has been another story; ask his brothers. Since working with Mr. Ramirez over the past two years, he has matured, even to the point that other people have commented on how well mannered he is… it is almost as if I have a little Mr. Ramirez at home. We are so lucky.  I cannot say enough about what this program means to me and to the students, so thank you to Mr. Ramirez and all of you at Life Change Ballroom, what a difference you make.I know what you do at Life Change Ballroom really does change lives.