Sponsorship Opportunities

Current "Sold" Sponsorships

Thank You Basey's Roofing- our
2015 Presenting Sponsor for Annual LCB Competition ($25,000)

Each December, approximately 125 children perform and compete in different styles of ballroom dance to earn the title of "Life Change Ballroom Dance Champions." Each competitor earns a ribbon and a gift bag. Each of the competing eight schools receives a trophy for getting into the finals and we also have ten individual trophies for the winning couples from five different styles of dance.

The winning school earns and retains possession of a 3 1/2 foot "traveling trophy" until a new winner is determined by the next year's competition. We want to keep this event free for the families and in order to do that, we must fund all theatre and labor costs. Our title sponsor purchases and donates the dance costumes for all our competitors and provides dinner for the dancers and volunteers as well as a memory DVD of the evening for all the participants.


Thank you Crossroads Roofing Supply- our
2015 Shoe Extravaganza Program Sponsor ($10,000)

Each Spring, we purchase and deliver new tennis shoes for EVERY 5th grader in our top four performing schools from our annual Life Change Ballroom Competition Event.  We have provided over 1,625 shoes over the last 9 years to our students! Crossroads Roofing Supply has been our sponsor for this program for the last 5 years!


Available Sponsorships

Arts Festival Sponsor - $3,000

During the second semester, our In-School program and LCB Dance Troupe perform at the Arts Festival.  This is another event where we donate the costumes to our dancers.  We have students from lower elementary grades through high school performing at the Arts Festival usually representing approximately 25+ different schools.  This is another event that is free for their friends and family to attend. We have been performing on the Cafe Stage and drawing amazing crowds!

In-School Program - $2,500 per semester

Our 12 week (24 class) ballroom program for the school year is $5,000/year or $2,500 per semester for classes with 40 or fewer students.  We are looking for sponsors for many of our schools and would love to have you partner with us to help get this class into as many schools as possible.  It is a LIFE CHANGING event for many of the kids!

Youth Empowerment & Leadership Program - $52,000 Annually or $2,080 per Student

Through our In-School program, we have met incredible students who want to continue dancing and performing but would never be able to do that were it not for our Youth Empowerment & Leadership Program.  We have already offered over 125 students to join this program.  We spend almost 6 hours each Saturday with these students.  They are learning advanced ballroom dances, mastering social skills, choreographing their own dances and becoming leaders and mentors themselves.  We are empowering and training these students to become mentors to the younger students in their neighborhoods and schools.  The dance troupe also represents our programs as they perform around town as the "Life Change Ballroom Dancers".  So far, their biggest audience has been 6,700 people at the Cox Center, however, they do have their sights set on Ellen!

The Youth Empowerment & Leadership Program continues in the summer with a high intensity summer program.  We meet every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday throughout the summer to learn advanced choreography, personal finance, health, etiquette, martial arts and various activities to keep the kids engaged and busy.

We would love for every student to have a sponsor!