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2016 In School Competition

We are teaching ballroom dance in the Oklahoma City Metro and surrounding area schools. Life Change Ballroom has proudly served the Oklahoma City, Putnam City, Millwood and Cashion School Districts, as well as several Charter and Vocational Schools.  Each semester, during the 24 classes, students will learn 5 steps for 5 different ballroom dances.  We teach the Cha-Cha-Cha, Fox-Trot, Merengue, Waltz, Tango, Swing, Rumba & Salsa . Schools who are taking both semesters will learn more steps to the dances they have previously mastered as well as 3 brand new ballroom dances.  

During our program students will learn: 

  • Different steps for each dance

    Example:  basic, box, promenade, ad-lib, underarm turn, reverse turn, crossovers, fall-a-ways, crossbody leads, side rocks, chase, pinwheel, etc.
  • Dance controls

    Proper footwork, lead and follow, musical timing, floor crafting & styling
  • Proper dance etiquette

    Escort position, how to ask for a dance, how to accept the invitation to dance, how to take a bow, and how to escort the lady on and off the dance Rose State
  • Goal-setting, teamwork, sportmanship, coping skills, manners, etiquette, mutual respect, trust, social awareness, confidence & self-esteem


2017 WINNERS- James L. Dennis ElementaryIn our fall semester, all our fifth grade schools are eligible to compete in our end-of-year 5th grade ballroom competition.  The top eight schools are chosen by a panel of professional ballroom judges to compete as finalists in our "Life Change Ballroom Championship". Our next finals competition will be held on Thursday, December 12th, 2019 at Rose State Performing Arts Theatre.  The winning school will be presented with a traveling trophy that they will keep for the entire year until the next competition.  Each of the participants in the competition will receive a goodie bag and a DVD of the event. Individual winners will be announced for each of the different dances and many trophies and ribbons are presented.  Congratulations to Quail Creek Elementary (pictured here); our 2018 Champions.  


arts festival 2014Although we have no formal competition for the Spring semester, we always have In-School competitions, and our students have been invited to perform at the ARTS FESTIVAL for the last 9 years where we showcase one couple from each of our participating schools.  It is a wonderful event in which to display the talents of our students and they always draw such large crowds!  We also encourage each school to arrange an assembly at the end of the semester for their other students to observe the new talents and skills of their ballroom students.  They can also have a formal “ball” one evening where the students and their parents come to dance - this could even be turned into a fundraiser for the school.  The ideas are limitless!

What does each school need to provide:

Gatewood 4th GradeOurs is proven to be a viable program for kindergarten students all the way up to seniors.  We have no supply requirements and simply need adequate dance space—that can be a gym, cafeteria, auditorium or empty classroom.  We do require at least one classroom teacher (or school administrator) to be present in the dance class at all times.  

We want to partner with schools that want more for their students and have higher expectations for them.  We believe when you expect more, you get more, and we believe each one of these kids has more to give! Through this program, we are committed to teaching them to: DO more, BE more & HAVE more, so they can GIVE more!

The cost is $2,500 per semester for classes with up to 40 students. We are getting rave reviews from the teachers, principals, parents and students of our already enrolled schools!