Youth Empowerment & Leadership Program

Christian and Celeste Pink December Through our In-School Program, we meet incredible students who want to continue dancing and performing but would never be able to do that were it not for our Youth Empowerment & Leadership Program. We have already offered 100+ children from our In-School program an opportunity to join this program. We spend almost 6 hours each Saturday with these children. Besides ballroom, we also introduce speakers who come in to share their profession & story of overcoming obstacles. We encourage them to meet many different people doing different jobs and we ask our speakers to weave character training into their talk whenever possible. On some occasions, we use our time for books or films or leadership classes.

2017 YELP ActionMany of them also attend tutoring with us twice/week at Britton Christian Church's Middle School Learning Center to help get their grades up and work toward getting in better schools. To promote social skills, we take our YELP kids out social dancing once/month; we go to movies, plays, out to eat, and we also have a summer program for them. We spend a great deal of time with them; subsequently, we're able to make serious shifts in many of our kids.

Our goal is to mentor them onto a positive, success-oriented path and teach them to become mentors themselves; a "train-the-trainer" approach. We have gotten many of our Y.E.L.P. students into schools which are preparing them for college and a more successful future. They are learning the importance of their education and are now working harder to attain their goals.

We are empowering and training these students to become mentors to the younger students in their neighborhoods and schools. This dance troupe also represents our program as they perform around town as the "Life Change Ballroom Dancers". So far, their biggest audience has been 6,700 people at the Cox Center, however, they have their sights on Ellen!



 "The 2018 Life Change Ballroom Dancers"

2018 LCB Dancers


Education Program3 doctors

We partner with Britton Christian Church and their “Study Buddies” and “Middle School Learning Center” tutoring programs.  We encourage our students to get the tutoring they need to help get them into more challenging schools whenever possible. We partnered with INTEGRIS in February, 2009 to bring “The Three Doctors” to 2,400+ OKC school students.